Venice hosts 4 important universities: Ca' Foscari, IUAV, Accademia di Belle Arti and VIU.


Ca' Foscari offers degrees in several areas, such as in letters and philosophy, languages, economics and sciences.  Students are given the possibility to attend interdisciplinary teaching programmes, English-taught programmes and double degrees, which contributes to providing this university with a very strong international background. Ca' Foscari is linked to the most important universities all over the world thanks to international agreements and its prestige.


The same can be said about IUAV, which is one of the best universities of architecture in Italy. It offers degrees in Architecture, Design, Visual Arts and Planning and Urban Design etc. Even though the University does not provide Italian-taught courses, the buddies it offers can help you with your linguistic skills and your integration at IUAV and in the city of Venice. A welcome-day in collaboration with ESN Venice is planned with both Ca' Foscari and IUAV.


The Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice is one of the most important all over Italy. It offers degrees in Painting, Sculpture, Decoration, Artistic Technology etc... Thanks to its relations with the city of Venice, it gives you the chance to work in a stimulating environment where such events as the Biennale are held, or where you can find possibilities of co-working with several museums and foundations.


Venice International University (VIU) is something unique in the academic world -  a consortium of 18 universities from all over the world with an autonomous campus on the island of San Servolo. The mission of VIU is to foster cooperation among VIU member institutions while facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas, by developing, promoting and organising joint academic, research and training/capacity-building programmes. VIU thereby contributes to, and is an integral part of, the internationalisation strategies of the member organisations.


The four of them play an essential role as far as international mobility is concerned. Moreover, their implication in Venetian cultural development is increasingly relevant, for the importance of these universitites enables them to hold events such as meetings, festivals and collaborations with other institutions.


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